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Growth-life balance (n.):

enjoyable, healthy living
when your job
is to learn, create, and grow

Most Utilized Coaching Services

Childhood Development & School Readiness

School Strengths Assessment


Self-care skills

Developmental Milestones

Career Exploration & 

Skills Training

Knowing one's natural abilities

Exploring meaningful occupations

Gaining relevant experience

Preparing for interviews

K-12 Coaching for Students and Parents

Strengths assessment

Skills & Routine Training

Accommodations and Goals

Parent coaching

Social Competence and Digital Communication

Collaborative negotiation

Communicating with supervisors

Communicating desires and needs

Digital media competence

College Student Coaching

Efficient learning

Smart habits

Mastering new environments

 Managing personal goals

Balancing self-care

Life Balance & Stress Management Coaching

Attaining a sense of control

and a sense of peace

Mindfulness practices

Organizational techniques.

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Talk with Learning Coach about your current life situation, your ideal  life situation, the obstacles between them, and the path ahead.

Learning Coach's Purpose and Mission


Learning happens naturally for everyone as we explore our physical, social, and interpersonal environments.

People learn in different ways, such as by watching, by tinkering, by listening, by asking questions, by looking at pictures, by feeling emotions, and more. When we know how we learn best, we can direct our own learning.

We can apply learning for personal goal-setting and growth, passionate life purposes, creative exploration, leisure and fun, social skills for relationships and networking, and understanding our own mind and body for holistic wellness.


Learning Coach’s vision is an enlightened society of people who are engaged in the meaningful work, leisure, and social opportunities that they want to be engaged in. Its strategy is to provide individual coaching, group trainings, and community education to build competence and confidence for each individual to realize their lifestyle in this vision.

Outcomes of Coaching

  1. Meeting school  and job demands more readily

  2. Living with healthy, satisfying habits and routines

  3. Managing time, mindset, and vitality independently

  4. Clarity and progress in career and lifestyle

  5. Parental guiding and support of elementary-aged students

  6. Competence in social relationships and digital media usage

  7. Speaking confidently for interviews, presentations, and the stage

  8. Including creativity even in a busy lifestyle

  9. Setting and maintaining personal boundaries

  10. Achieving integrity as an informed, engaged citizen

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Learning Coach's Most Powerful Technologies

Motivational Interviewing

Draw out your current strengths

Identify your desired changes

Connect your thoughts with your goals

Flow & Deep Work

Optimize your environment for flow

Find your method into flow

Harnessing flow to meet goals

Sensory Integration

Identifying your sensory style

Accommodating for challenges

Integrating strengths into goals

Cognitive Behavioral Coaching

Discovering global beliefs

Testing beliefs against reality

Installing empowering beliefs

Vision-to-Action Planning

Visualizing your goal

Analyzing into concrete steps

Setting up tasks and habits

Mindfulness & Embodiment Practices

Time-tested stress management

Include the body during learning

Listening clearly to your mind

Habits Buildup and Breakdown

Identifying key habits

Make them easy and accessible

Make them rewarding and satisfying

Executive Function Strategizing

Identifying executive functions
Connect them to your goals

Make them easy and accessible

Growth and Mindset Coaching

Connecting your goals to mindset

Noticing stuck points

Noticing growth behaviors

Ready to Start The Process Right NOW?

Start the coaching process immediately by describing your life situation, your ideal life situation, the obstacles between them, and the path ahead.

Most Utilized Coaching Groups

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Plans & Pricing

Learning Coach is an in-network provider for Regence, Premera, Cigna, Coordinated Care, and First Choice. Clients with other coverage can request an Insurance Verification Form to check for coverage.

Clients may elect to privately pay for a fully client-centered program including service type, modality, frequency, and duration. Learning Coach will provide a Good Faith Estimate of service costs.

Group rates are available for clients eligible for Developmental Disability Administration (DDA) funding.

Learn about Plans and Pricing

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